Progress new facilities

Looking to the future, we at the Stair Campus are always working on developments and improvements. One of the projects is the expansion of production areas, warehouses and offices. Curious about the progress?

The end is near!

It has been a while since we informed you about new construction projects on the Stair Campus. By now, the structural work has been completed and we are working hard on the finishing touches and preparations for furnishing. But unfortunately, we too have to deal with the fact that sometimes building materials are not or insufficiently available. Now, we should not grumble yet because the delay is still limited, but at the moment it is not yet known when the new building can be put into use.

On growth…

To maintain our service to our customers at the desired level in the coming years, the expansion was necessary. But what will actually happen? Firstly, the current warehouse space will be expanded to around 17,000 m2 with the space for over 10,000 pallet spaces. In addition, a new production hall will be built in which automated operations can be carried out. In time, we expect the hall to be filled with around 10 production units. On both floors, office space will be created, the StairAcademy will have its own permanent location and our own internal sports facility, StairFit, will also be set up.

Below is an impression of the building so far. We will keep you informed of progress.

Voortgang Nieuwbouw