The ultimate B2B partner for staircase renovation products

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions specializes in the supply and production of stair treads for the (re-)covering of stairs. We supply products to online stores, wholesalers and industry both domestically and abroad. The entire development and production takes place in a unique machine park in Weert according to your wishes and specifications. Due to its central location, Van Dijk quickly and efficiently supplies customers throughout Europe.

unique machines Unique and ultramodern machine park

We are the only company in the world to work with unique machines to deliver a suitable product for every customer.

responding to needs in the market Responding to trends and needs in the market

Our products are developed and produced in-house. This allows us to effectively respond to trends and market developments.

Professional Professionally
trained staff

At the StairCampus Academy, our production employees are professionally trained to work with Van Dijk's unique machines.

Delivery from own stock Delivery
from our own stock

As a stock-keeping producer, we can deliver quickly throughout Europe. Fast and efficient.

Customized quality Customised

We produce and assemble to customer specifications and produce for leading players in various market segments.

customer portal Efficient & insightful:
our customer portal

You can quickly and easily order our products from our own stock via our customer portal.

Over 20 years of experience Over 20 years of experience in staircase renovation

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know exactly how important a staircase is. This allows us to deliver the right products and services..

staircampus Part of
the StairCampus

We are part of the StairCampus, the top knowledge and development centre in the domain of staircase renovation.

Unique machine park Van Dijk

Unique machine park

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions is the only company in the world to have unique composite machines that fully automatically postform, saw and transport our staircase renovation products. These machines are (partly) developed and realised in-house in collaboration with leading machine manufacturers. As a result, quality production can be tailored to the wishes of each individual (retail) partner. The machinery is specially developed and completely geared to our products and the high-quality materials we work with. We use as many materials as possible that come from responsibly managed FSC forests, whereby Van Dijk contributes to a good environmental and nature policy.

Surface bonding

One of the processes in the production of stair renovation products is surface bonding. Several materials are glued together in this process. This gives the stair cladding the right top layer and the right appearance. It’s a special technique that requires real craftsmanship. Our glue line is heated to a specific temperature to create a good adhesive bond between the materials. The fast closing time and specific pressure guarantee high adhesion of the material. Van Dijk manages this process in-house and can therefore continuously guarantee quality.

Surface bonding

Postforming HPL and CPL

One of Van Dijk’s specialties is the postforming of transfer steps. Postforming is a process of using heat to bend materials, thereby making them suitable for applications with round or rounded corners such as stair treads.

For the quality of the production process to remain consistent, the postforming needs to take place in a conditioned environment that is equipped with the latest technologies. Our employees closely monitor this process.

Postforming vinyl

Postforming plastic requires a different technique. Vinyl floor coverings and stair renovation products have a number of specific properties that make the products popular, including warmth, moisture resistance and their scratch-free nature. These products are often chosen for the renovation of stairs, and for good reason! Van Dijk Staircase Solutions has the technology and the machines to postform stair steps from one whole.

Postforming HPL and CPL

Quality control

Van Dijk is the ultimate business-to-business partner for staircase renovation products. Van Dijk manages the entire production in-house, which allows for continuous quality control. Not only in the production process, but also in the selection of our suppliers and products. In everything that Van Dijk produces, its aim is to achieve optimum quality.

Our products are regularly tested in our laboratory, and our specialist production employees closely monitor the production process.

Quality Control


Van Dijk produces all its staircase renovation products in-house: transfer steps, risers, side panels, flashing, floors and LED lighting. The warehouse of no less than 8,500 m2 offers space for approximately 5,000 pallet positions. Thanks to the size of this warehouse, Van Dijk can deliver directly from stock and can therefore guarantee short delivery times.

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions - warehouse