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Get to know the Van Dijk family business

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions is the top producer when it comes to staircase renovations. In line with the wishes of its business customers, Van Dijk develops, produces and installs a wide range of staircase renovation products in various price ranges. Curious about our story and our expertise?

More than 20 years of experience

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions stems from another family business that was also founded by the Steyvers family. In 1997 Jan and Trea Steyvers developed the staircase renovation product. They have further developed their knowledge relating to staircase renovation in-house, always taking into account the wishes and needs of the market. In 2013, they started their own production company so that they could guarantee and continue to develop the quality of the products. Today, Van Dijk Staircase Solutions is the only production company in the world that focuses entirely on the manufacture of stair renovation products.

Jan Rick en Trea Steyvers
"We want to be able to guarantee the quality of our product, and continue to develop it." Jan, Rick en Trea Steyvers

Second generation

Entrepreneurship is in the Steyvers family’s blood. Since son Rick did an internship in his parents’ company in 2010, he was sure that he wanted to start a family business as well. In recent years, he has had the opportunity to walk alongside his father and forge his own path. Rick is now in management with his father, with the ambition to take over the family business when his parents are ready to hand over the baton: “I really enjoy bringing plans and ideas to fruition, and seeing the business grow as a result.”

In-house production

Since 2013, Jan and Trea have also started their own production under the name Van Dijk Postforming & Vlakverlijming B.V. The name is derived from Trea’s maiden name, partly to retain the strength of the family connection. “We want to be able to guarantee the quality of our product, and continue to develop it. The best way to achieve that is to do the production yourself, which also prevents others from running off with your ideas,” Jan explains.

Stefan Nijsen has been on board as director since the beginning of 2019 and is at the helm of the production company for staircase renovation products. Jan and Rick are of course both still involved in Van Dijk and can still be found in the company on a daily basis.

Premium player

In the first years, Van Dijk produced exclusively for Upstairs, but it soon became possible to respond to the demand from interested market parties. Van Dijk developed various brand concepts of its own and developed into a flexible partner in the production of premium stair treads and accessories for (re-)cladding stairs. Van Dijk supplies these products to commercial customers, such as staircase renovation specialists, interior specialists and retail chains both domestically and abroad. Van Dijk’s customer base has now expanded considerably, causing it to outgrow its current premises. For this reason the company bought an adjacent plot of land in 2021, to build a new building which will house an expansion of the warehouse, offices and a production area in mid-2022.

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions

In the first years after its foundation, Van Dijk was open to several product groups where postforming and surface bonding can be applied. After a strategic reorientation, the decision was made to fully focus on one product category. As a result, Van Dijk is the only production company in the world that focuses entirely on the manufacture of stair renovation products. A revision of the name was desirable, partly due to the increasing interest from abroad. In order to indicate what the area of focus is and to be more approachable internationally, the decision was made in 2021 to change the name Van Dijk Postforming & Vlakverlijming B.V. to Van Dijk Staircase Solutions. As Jan puts it: “This emphasises all the more that staircases is what’s closest to our hearts!”



Van Dijk Staircase Solutions is part of the StairCampus, the ultimate knowledge, development and training centre in one when it comes to stair renovation. Alongside Van Dijk, the other members of the StairCampus are staircase renovation company Upstairs, installation service Steyl Montage and SIP. The latter records all of the company’s patents, intellectual property and innovations. You read that right: the StairCampus is widely represented in the world of staircase renovation. From do-it-yourself products to exclusive customisation in various quality classes for re-cladding stairs.

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