What is the StairCampus?

Van Dijk is part of the StairCampus, where staircases take centre stage. At the StairCampus you’ll find everything related to staircase renovation. It is the ultimate knowledge, development and training centre in one!

At the StairCampus, new practices for staircase renovation are being continually conceived and developed so that we can offer the best staircase renovation to each individual customer.

Companies within the StairCampus

As mentioned before, the StairCampus is the hub where you will find everything to do with staircase renovation. It is where everything relating to staircase renovation and the various staircase renovation components is conceived, developed and disseminated. The StairCampus offers a solution for every type of staircase renovation. Van Dijk is proud to be part of the StairCampus, but these leading companies also belong to the StairCampus:

Upstairs Staircase Renovation

Upstairs is the custom specialist when it comes to renovating stairs for consumers. Van Dijk produces the various stair components for this private label and has developed an exclusive scratch-resistant and wear-resistant top layer, which is a sign of the quality of the high-end brand Upstairs. StairCampus is also home to ongoing quality control and further development of products.

Steyl Montage

Steyl Montage B.V. ensures professional and high-quality installation of staircase renovation packages sold by various retailers. It’s a very simple system: the retailer sells the package, and Steyl installs it with style!


Here at StairCampus, we are looking ahead, or ‘Stairing at the future’! All our new applications that we develop and extensively test at the StairCampus are recorded and patented. This all occurs under the name SIP B.V.

StairCampus - staircase renovation

StairCampus Academy

In addition to the various product options, Van Dijk offers its customers the opportunity to use the StairCampus Academy’s training facilities. Not only are our own employees trained here, but the StairCampus Academy also provides commercial training, product training and technical training programmes. Our skilled trainers have many years of (practical) experience in the production, assembly and sale of staircase renovations.

Research & Development

Research & Development is also part of the StairCampus. As a market leader in staircase renovation, Van Dijk is constantly inventing and developing new practices for stairs. For instance, Van Dijk collaborated with partner Upstairs to design an exclusive application to cover the back of the nose and a narrow LED luminaire has been developed for stair lighting, so the LED lighting fits exactly under the step.

These new products are extensively tested in the StairCampus laboratory before they are put on the market. In addition to developing new applications, Van Dijk also ensures that current products continue to be developed. This keeps Van Dijk innovative and pioneering, always responding to the trends in the market.

StairCampus laboratory


Van Dijk is proud to be part of the StairCampus. As a producer of staircase renovation products in various quality classes, we work with unique machines. These machines are (partly) developed and realised in-house in collaboration with leading machine manufacturers. As a result, quality production can be tailored to the wishes of each individual (retail) partner. In our warehouse, there is a separate location for every single customer and partner. We strive to be able to supply all our products from stock. This makes us flexible and service-oriented, and you as a customer benefit from our short delivery times.


Part of the StairCampus:

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