Why choose Van Dijk Staircase Solutions?

Van Dijk is right at the beating heart of the StairCampus. It offers absolutely everything you need to renovate a staircase. This is where everything is conceived, developed and extensively tested in order to offer the best quality for stair renovation. Naturally all while taking into account the wishes and needs of all our customers, ranging from do-it-yourself stores to high-end renovation companies.

Advantages with Van Dijk:

responding to needs in the market Responding to trends and needs in the market

Our products are developed and produced in-house. This allows us to effectively respond to trends and market developments.

Mehr als zwanzig Jahre Erfahrung mit Treppenrenovierung Over 20 years of experience
in staircase renovation

Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what a staircase is and how important a staircase is. Stairs are in our DNA.

Qualität nach Maß Customised

We produce and assemble to customer specifications, producing for the do-it-yourself market as well as private labels for exclusive partners.

unique machines Unique and ultramodern machine park

We are the only company in the world to work with unique machines to deliver a suitable product for every customer.

Fachkundig ausgebildetes Personal Professionally
trained staff

At our StairCampus Academy, our production employees are professionally trained to work with our unique machines.

Lieferung direkt ab Lager Delivery
from our own stock

As a stock-keeping producer, we can deliver quickly throughout Europe. Fast and efficient.

customer portal Especially for you:
our Customer Portal

You can quickly and easily order our products from our own stock via our customer portal.

staircampus Part of
the StairCampus

We are part of the StairCampus, the top knowledge and development centre in the domain of staircase renovation.

Why Van Dijk