Sustainable business Van Dijk

Sustainable business

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions strives for corporate social responsibility. It not only ensures that the products are produced with the utmost care and attention – it also takes people, planet and animals into consideration during the production process.

FSC® label

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions takes nature into consideration for the production of our stair treads. Van Dijk always uses FSC-certified panel material for the production of laminate steps. This FSC material comes from responsibly managed FSC forests. The habitat of plants and animals in these forests is protected by logging in sections. This allows sections of the forest to recover in the meantime. The loggers are also provided with a safe working environment, and good arrangements are made with the local population regarding which part of the FSC forest may be cleared.

FSC keurmerk

(Van Dijk StairCase Solutions is registered under FSC license number: FSC® C016391)

Sustainable business at Van Dijk

Producing with the environment in mind

The entire StairCampus has been built and structured with love and attention for people, planet and animals – not only can you enjoy a beautiful staircase, but you can also better preserve nature. Van Dijk strives to be a sustainable business. This goes beyond our production alone.

Solar panels

There are over 1,600 solar panels with an annual yield of no less than 475,000 kWh. This means that Van Dijk self-sufficient when it comes to generating electricity.

LED lighting

At Van Dijk, and throughout the StairCampus, there is full LED lighting in offices and production and warehouse areas. The chosen type of lighting is 90% more efficient than incandescent lamps, 85% more efficient than halogen lamps and 50% more efficient in comparison with fluorescent lighting. In addition to the savings in terms of energy consumption, the light level has been improved, which creates a more pleasant working environment.

Separating waste

Another part of being a sustainable business is separating waste. The waste is separated in the offices, production and warehouse. With the assistance of the waste processing company Renewi, the entire StairCampus helps protect the environment every year. In 2020, for example, 89% of the waste could be recycled. In this way, the StairCampus is able to reduce its ecological footprint every year.


When it comes to assembly work, the entire StairCampus, including Van Dijk, strives for the right (tailor-made) packaging solutions for each individual customer which have the least possible impact on the environment.

Internal transport

Electric forklifts and pallet stackers are used for internal transport.


Solar panels