WMS system live!

Instant and adequate insight into stocks, order status and planned deliveries is increasingly important for (inter)national business-to-business relations. Partly for this reason, we work continuously to improve our (digital) performance.

A digital step forward

Over the past year, we have worked very hard behind the scenes to prepare for the implementation of our new Warehouse Management System (WMS). With this system, we are now able to improve the operational process by digitally delivering pick lists to the warehouse. The order pickers receive clear commands as to which articles they can pick and when. At the rack in question, they can indicate by scanning that they have picked the products. On the one hand, this immediately records that the products are given to the customer while, on the other hand, the stock level is immediately adjusted.

Step by step

Experience shows that, in many cases, it will still be a process of several months before everything runs smoothly. But at the same time, we can also immediately implement improvements and further adapt the system to the needs of colleagues in the warehouse. With this, we are taking another big step forward in automating our business processes, through which we expect to further strengthen the quality of our services!