Risse Group collaboration

Risse Group collaboration

This week we started a collaboration with the Risse Group. They perform various activities for the StairCampus and we guide them in developing their capabilities, talents and ambitions so that they have a better chance on the labour market.

Risse Group

The Risse Group focuses on offering job opportunities to people who are distanced from the regular labour market. It is guided in this by the organisation WerkpuntKom.nl, which is also an organisation that mediates in the search for employment. They support job seekers in the specific development of their capabilities, talents and ambitions, and they work in collaboration with many partners in the region. This is in order to increase these people’s prospects on the labour market.

Assembly work at Van Dijk Staircase Solutions

The StairCampus is glad to do its part in supporting these (local) initiatives. It offers this group of employees an opportunity to work in a large company so that they can prepare themselves to make headway on the labour market. They now carry out assembly work at Van Dijk Staircase Solutions. Further plans have already been made for the future, so it’s safe to say the collaboration is going well!