Availability Van Dijk summer vacation 2023

Summer vacation is just around the corner. Also at Van Dijk Staircase Solutions. In line with last year’s good experience, we will remain open and accessible for you throughout the summer.

We are ready for you!

Van Dijk Staircase Solutions makes every effort to ensure that all stair renovation products are available to our customers at all times. Unlike other years, we are therefore available this summer to provide the service you are used to from us. Although a number of colleagues are enjoying their summer holidays, there is sufficient staffing to ensure that we can provide you with service, as you are used to from us.

Do you have questions about our delivery times and/or opening hours? Feel free to call +31 (0)495-626 250 or mail to info@vandijkstaircasesolutions.com

We wish you a sunny summer holiday!